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About us

AMTOOLS Nis is an industrial technology company specialized in selling and manufacturing high end CNC machines with laser engraving for cutting and metal processing. AMTOOLS Nis is the Serbian most customer satisfy- oriented CNC selling company on the Balkan

Easy to operate – Safe – Flexible – Affordable – The Best CNC Machines.

AMTOOLS Nis is the Serbian leading CNC machines supplier and manufacturer. The best in class CNC metal machinery supplier in the region.  We sell outstanding CNC machines and machine tools built for professionals, by professionals. We are proud to be the very only CNC shop where customers not need worrying about hidden costs.

AMTOOLS Nis offers superior and premium quality CNC Fiber Lasers

Weather we call it a milling machine, a vertical machining center, a lathe or horizontal machining center, we have the best solution for your company. Beside machining centers, AMTOOLS Nis offers superior and premium quality CNC Fiber Lasers.  Our machines are flexible, unique and best-for price. AMTOOLS Nis CNC machines are the most profitable machines on the market. Built around Siemens SINUMERIK platform – CNC lasts longer.

Controlled by manually written G-code or by ESPRITCAM

Excellent and reliable CNC solution for your machine shop – Controlled by manually written G-code or by ESPRITCAM. We are the only CNC company in Serbia offering our customers free of charge post-processor of any AMTOOLS Nis AM-V or AM-L CNC machines for every AMTOOLS Nis bought ESPRIT CAM software.


2 years unlimited warranty on all CNC machines and CNC components. 

AMTOOLS Nis offers industry’s best CNC service and support free of charge during the warranty period.

CNC Lathes – CNC Turning machines

AMTOOLS Lathes are high class CNC turning centers that combine high-end turning technology, extended shop productivity and extra value. AMTOOLS Nis CNC lathes are used by professionals in all metal  Rigid and great metal removing CNC turning machines. Built to really remove any excess material. Exceptional CNC lathes trusted by the best in the class. AM L CNC lathes are quality oriented and reliable in mind designed machines. Increased profitability on a sophisticated SINUMERIK platform. Extremely efficient and excellent for variety of machining requirements.

CNC Fiber Lasers

The best industrial grade CNC Fiber laser steel cutting machines. AMTOOLS CNC Fiber Laser Machines are high quality and out of competition fiber laser cutting and processing machines. Final touch of laser cutting technology in one. Suited for standard and non-standard metal sheets. We sell affordable and highly profitable open or enclosed fiber laser machines.  Cut metal sheets with incredible precision and pace. Fujikura, Precitec or Raycus – Choose it – We sell it. We offer CNC fiber lasers from 500W up to 6kW. .dfx friendly and easy to use software. Laser Cutting has never been more affordable with AMTOOLS Nis.

Do not worry about failures, AMTOOLS CNC machines are heavy duty and we provide 2 years unlimited warranty.


Vertical Machining Centers – CNC Milling machines

AM-V vertical machining centers are suited to all engineering applications required by today’s market and reduced machining (in-process) times, accurate machining and repeatability are one of many advantages of AMTOOLS AM-V vertical machining centers. We offer 3 – 4 and 5 axis vertical machining centers. The best rotary cutters in Serbia. Whether you need a small, medium size or huge CNC milling machine, AMTOOLS Nis is the right place for you. An automatic and fast tool changer, rigid body, reliable electronic components . We supply Serbian’s best CNC shops.