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Serbian brand - European qulity

CNC Milling Machines

CNC milling machines recognized and proven quality.

AMTOOLS Niš brand stands as a guarantor of good shopping with decades of experience in the mechanical engineering industry.

CNC milling machines or Vertical Machining Centers VMC are designed for seamless metal and plastic machining.

All our machines are equipped with the highest quality components from renowned manufacturers that guarantee high precision CNC machining.

The small-size AM-V1 CNC milling machine is ideal for making small pieces with a work surface of 690mm * 230mm, while the AMC-V12 CNC milling machine is recommended for making large pieces on a work surface of 1700mm * 800mm.

velike cnc glodalice za obradu metala, glodalice za metal
CNC glodalice sa cetiri ose

The best CNC Milling Machines in every way

Premium quality CNC milling machine parts

AMTOOLS vertical machining centers are equipped with a Siemens 808D Advanced control unit.

Siemens 808D Advanced control unit is adapted to all levels of CNC programmers. Programming of CNC machines can be done directly on the control unit but also via third party CAM package.

A feature of AMTOOLS milling machines is the licensed CAD / CAM package with the appropriate post-processor. This package will reduce programming time and multiply productivity by significantly reducing costs.

All AMTOOLS CNC machines are equipped with Siemens Servo drivers and Siemens SINAMICS V70 type Servo motors.

In the process of milling metals, we put the reliability of machines first. All AMTOOLS CNC milling machines are equipped with reliable Schnieder CNC electrics, to provide and ensure constant electric power to all parts of the CNC system.

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CNC Milling machines table

3 or 4 axis – CNC milling machines for all size shops

We also offer vertical machining centers where the standard three axially linear axes have the possibility of placing the fourth axes. by installing another table with the axes specified.

  • All machines are equipped with Royal top spindles with a maximum rpm of 10,000 rpm.
  • Vertical machining centers are equipped with a system for the removal of splines as well as mechanisms for automatic tool change.
  • All CNC Milling Machines have the option of replacing 8 -16 tools (with the choice of tool replacement system – umbrella or drum).
Upravljacka konzola CNC glodalice

Unlimited warranty on the machine and all components in the machine for 2 years!

SERVICE 24/7 – Anytime, anywhere in the country and region, spare parts in stock – the fastest way out by a local service team

MACHINES CAN BE VIEWED AND TRIED AT OUR DEMO CENTER IN NIS – Satisfied customers are our greatest success!

Satisfied customers are our biggest success!

Small Size VMC Properties

Veličina stolamm690×230700×260800×300800×320
Nosivost stolakg150150200300
T - žljeb3/16/6316*33-14×8014*3
X - osa kretanjemm350420460550
Y - osa kretanjemm260260320340
Z - osa kretanjemm350420460460
Udaljenost vretena od centra stolamm90-44090-50090 – 550100-560
Udaljenost vretena do stubamm294315395410
Brzina vretanarpm10000100001000010000
Snaga motora vretenakw2.2/3.72.2/
Maksimalni prečnik alatammφ30/φ80φ50/φ100φ80/φ120φ80/φ150
Maksimalna dužina alatamm120150200300
Maksimalna težina alatakg3466
X / Y - osno brzo kretanje mm20000200002000020000
Z - osno brzo kretanjemm20000200002000020000
Brzina rezanjamm/min1 - 40001 - 40001 - 40001-10000
Tačnost pozicioniranjamm0.02±0.01±0.012±0.01
Tačnost repozicioniranjamm0.01/300±0.005/300±0.007±0.004/300
Težina mašinekg120018002000kg2300

Mesium Size VMC Properties

Veličina stolamm1200 x 6001360x 7001400x 8001700x 800
Nosivost stolakg80080010001500
T - žljeb5 -18 x 1005 -18 x 1225-18×1405 -22 x 135
X - osa kretanjemm1100120013001500
Y - osa kretanjemm600700800800
Z - osa kretanjemm600600700700
Udaljenost vretena od centra stolamm120-72087-68715-85013-830
Udaljenost vretena do stubamm650785855810
Brzina vretanarpm8000800080008000
Snaga motora vretenakw1111~1511~1511~15
Maksimalni prečnik alatammφ120φ120φ120φ120
Maksimalna dužina alatamm200200200400
Maksimalna težina alatakg88815
X / Y - osno brzo kretanje mm36000240003000016000
Z - osno brzo kretanjemm36000180003000020000
Brzina rezanjamm/min1-1000020-60001-1000020-5000
Tačnost pozicioniranjamm0.
Tačnost repozicioniranjamm0.0050.0050.0050.006
Dimenzijemm3200x 2500x 32003300x 2800x 32003400x 3100x 36104500x 3200x 3600
Težina mašinekg680080001200013000

Big Size VMC Properties

Radna površina3000 mm x 1500 mm
Snaga lasera500 W / 750 W / 1000 W / 1200 W
Preciznost pozicioniranja±0.05 mm/m
Preciznost repozicioniranja±0.03 mm
Težina masine4500 kg
Dimenzije masene5500 x 3760 x 2000 mm