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Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

CNC Fiber Laser - Made in Serbia


Last Generation Fiber Laser Technology

CNC Fiber Laser cutting machines are designed for the most high quality fiber laser metal cutting.

We are the only CNC Fiber Laser machinery manufacturer in the region. We exclusively use components recognized by the highest European and world’s manufacturers.

Keeping track of new technologies and trends, we strive to continuously improve quality of products and services.

Proven by the Experts

Top-Notch Fiber Laser Technology

The Fiber Laser Technology ‒ why?

Fiber laser technology represents the fastest and cheapest way of cutting and processing metal. The laser beam passes through the plate, leaving behind a perfectly prepared clip. Plate cutting speeds with CNC fiber laser technology are incomparably higher, compared to any other technology, which significantly increases the efficiency of the machines.

Fiber laser machines are ideal for cutting and processing black sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum and brass, as well as all other types of metals.

Depending on the power of the laser source, CNC fiber laser machines could be used in processing:

  • carbon steel: from 0.1mm to 30mm,
  • stainless steel: from 0.1mm to 40mm,
  • aluminum: from 0.1mm to 40mm,
  • brass: from 0.1mm to 18mm.

Professional AMTOOLS team is available for all your questions and support at any time.

In terms of price and quality, we guarantee you the most favorable conditions for buying CNC machines.

Closed machines

We can also offer large variety of closed machines. Designed for all working environments.
upravljacka jedinica fiber lasera sa stolom i gantrijem
prodaja novih cnc fiber lasera za secenje limova
cnc fiber laseri

Made out of high quality parts


AMTOOLS is proud to introduce the body of a machine of its own. Many decades of experience in the design of massive metal body construction stands as a guarantor of the AMTOOLS brand.

In order to put the acquired knowledge at the service of increasing the efficiency of the CNC industry, we have manufactured high-precision fiber lasers.

We use advanced welding and pipe processing techniques to manufacture reliable fiber laser body construction.

World's best Laser Sources

Fiber Laser Source

The laser light source is the most significant component in the CNC Fiber Laser Machine. For this reason, we decided to offer you two renowned laser sources manufacturers – IPG and Raycus.

We offer fiber laser light sources in the power range of 300W to 1.5kW. If you are not sure how much power the AMTOOLS Fiber Laser light source requires, let us handle it for you!

Ease of use - Control - Flexibility

Fiber Laser CAD/CAM Software

The advanced generation Fiber Laser CAD / CAM package will reduce your time to deliver.

When designing the CNC Fiber Laser, AMTOOLS project team made an effort to make machine work easy and flexible. By purchasing one of the AMTOOLS Fiber Laser CNC Machines, you get an integrated CAD / CAM package that meets all your expectations.

Machine integrated

CAD/CAM made for Fiber Lasers

  • Easy to use and easy to integrate with all software packages for engineering modeling and drawing
  • Integration with standard .dxf format

Automatic nesting is a standard feature of the CAM / CAD package.

Automatic nesting is a special function of CNC machines which optimizes the desired cutout shape to the surface of the sheet or tube for the highest sections productivity.

Automatic nesting greatly reduces the programming time of CNC fiber laser machines.

Precision and Reliability

Fiber laser heads

The quality of the CNC Fiber laser head defines the quality of the laser cut. This is why our CNC lasers are equipped with the highest quality heads on the market.

We offer the following fiber laser laser heads for you: Precitec or Eu3Tech?

Significantly reduced nozzle changing time.

CNC Fiber Laser technology is such that no constant wear of the nozzle occur.

No big nozzle wear = no constant nozzle replacement.

Our machines have only the highest quality components, which is why we decided on Schneider Electric and Yaskawu.

You can view and test AMTOOLS CNC fiber laser machines in our DEMO center.

These are just some of the reasons why the AMTOOLS CNC Fiber Laser is your best choice.


Dimenzije i Karakteristike AMTools Fiber Lasera

Otvoreni CNC Fiber Laseri

Radna površina2500mm*1300mm3000mm*1500mm4000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm6000x2000mm
Snaga lasera1kW/2kW/3kW/4kW
X osa2500mm3000mm4000mm4000mm
Y osa1300mm1500mm1500mm1500mm
Z osa100mm100mm100mm100mm
X/Y Pozicioniranje0.05mm/m0.05mm/m0.05mm/m0.05mm/m
X/Y Repozicioniranje0.03mm0.03mm0.03mm0.03mm
X/Y Max ubrzanje0.8G-10.8G-10.8G-10.8G-1
Brzina praznih hodova90m/min90m/min90m/min90m/min
Tezina masine3700kg4400kg6000kg8000kg